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Last week, Michael Hites and Kelly Block of the University of Illinois joined the Mojo with their Planning article and interview, "Planning in a Field That Changes Rapidly and Disrupts Everything."

This week, Change & Disruption MOOC Week VI, our authors explore two technologies—mobile computing and social media—sharing trends, questions, and some practical advice for planners:

  • Guiding Social Media at Our Institutions by Tanya Joosten, Laura Pasquini, and Lindsey Harness— "The pedagogical benefit of social media use beyond its application as a motivational technique continues to be unaddressed by many universities." In our Planning Interview with Joosten, we joked that the title could well have been "[No One Is] Guiding Social Media at Our Institutions." Joosten is author of Social Media for Educators: Strategies and Best Practices.
  • Impact of Mobile Computing: Anticipating the Effects on the Campus by Colin Currie— "Familiarity with mobile web use and the incorporation of that technology into our teaching and learning practices are quickly becoming key literacies."

Currie, CIO of Princeton University, provides good perspective on the mobile trend and its impact on the campus, along with practical advice for planning. Leaders are paying attention to that trend. The research shared by Joosten, Pasquini, and Harness finds that the technology of social media is not only unguided but practically ignored, officially.

Why should that be the case?

If you see examples of the impact of either of these technologies on your campus or in the media, please share them here.

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