MOOC Week 4—Blue Systems: Toward a Better Campus Aesthetic

We're in Week 4 of SCUP's Campus-Space Mojo, and our voyage is to Biotrophos, the Peninsula of Sustaining Life, where we are focused on Open Space planning, and also celebrating the tenth annual Campus Sustainability Day.

In “Blue Systems: Toward a Better Campus Aesthetic,” (PDF) prolific authors Jeffrey L. Bruce and Frank Edgerton Martin utilize integrated water management planning case studies of the University of Wisconsis-Madison and the University of Lousville, to draw a comprehensive picture of the value of such integration. The article is worthwhile aesthetically, practically, and also as an aid to vision. We especially like the phrase "blue and green design."

(SCUP members, click here to download the article.
If you are not a SCUP member, go here to purchase the article for $3.)

Please share your comments, your plans, your photos, and your links to other campus' integrated water management websites.

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This was an excellent article for me.  I have had little education in the topic. 

I had three "take aways" related to this article:

1.  the concept of the "audacious goal" of water independance.  Hadn't thought about that concept before.  Universities are in a unique position to model that concept.

2. I visited the campus of UW (the other UW) two years ago and I do not remember any conversation about the concept of water conservation strategies of the campus.  It sounds like an opportunity lost.  That would have been very interesting.  I even walked back from Picnic Point to the campus along the lake.  It is very lovely. 

3. I was intriqued by University of Louisville's answer for water management being different and unique to that campus. As we discuss these topics, we need to remember that one strategy does not fit all.

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