Wow. The Decline of College [National Review] "The four-year campus experience is becoming a thing of the past," says the subtitle:

The result was a more skilled workforce and a competent democratic citizenry. That ideal may still be true at our flagship universities, with their enormous endowments and stellar world rankings. Yet most everywhere else, something went terribly wrong with that model. Almost all the old campus protocols are now tragically outdated or antithetical to their original mission.

Tenure — virtual lifelong job security for full-time faculty after six years — was supposed to protect free speech on campus. How, then, did campus ideology become more monotonous than diverse, more intolerant of politically unpopular views than open-minded? Universities have so little job flexibility that campuses cannot fire the incompetent tenured or hire full-time competent newcomers.

From the comments (not the worst): "A fantastic article. Good riddance to the whole corrupt, inefficient, worthless system and the (mostly) liberal, parasitic elites who run it."


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