For planners in Africa

The new, free, SCUP book, Planning and Resource Strategy for Higher Education: A Guide for Universities in Africa, was written for a constituency on the other side of planet Earth from most SCUP members. Perhaps your university has planned a LEED-certified building? Doug Fountain and JoEllyn Murillo Fountain spent most of a decade planning where issues issues like mere access to water and electricity are real but air-conditioned science labs are mere pixels on an old laptop. This book brings together their experiences and SCUP's integrated planning framework into the guide they wish someone had handed to them 10 years ago.

For planners in North America

The article*, “A Resource and Planning Toolkit for Universities in Africa”, is for most of SCUP's constituency. It's from Planning for Higher Education, volume 41, number 4 (July–September 2013). The authors write:

Think of a university you know very well. Think about the buildings and the campus environment. Think about the information technology resources. Think about the faculty and the administrative staff, where they work, and how they do their work. Think about the library, learning space, common areas, and books. Think about fund-raising campaigns and alumni engagement. Think about how students work with each other and engage with faculty.

Did those buildings have students sitting outside windows to hear a lecture because there is not enough room inside? Are the roads on the campus dirt (or mud when it rains)? Do electricity and water only reach some of the buildings on campus? Is the library stocked with only a few thousand books, most of which are over 20 years old? Can students only access the Internet in a room that has fewer than a hundred computers that are more than five years old? Are the concepts of “endowment” and “alumni association” unknown to the administration?

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