Dean & Provost newsletter (Wiley) covers SCUP–48 in its fall issue. Here's the lead article: Avoid potholes on the road to implementing your strategic plan.

SAN DIEGO — Creating a strategic plan is only the beginning of a long process. Many obstacles can interfere with implementing the plan, said Hannah Stewart-Gambino, dean of the college at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania.

Administrators need to be able to identify those obstacles and understand how to overcome them, said Margaret Plympton, vice president for administration and finance at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.

They spoke at the Society for College and University Planning’s annual international conference.

To ensure that your plan will make a difference by helping students succeed or creating a meaningful work environment for faculty members, you need to be ready to address the following impediments to its success, Plympton added.


If the president isn’t interested in the institution’s plan, officials will end up implementing a series of divisional plans, Plympton said.

And without leadership, action won’t occur. “Left to our own devices, we humans will do the same thing tomorrow we did today,” Plympton said.

Several specific leadership problems can derail strategic plan implementation, including:

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